"Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance"  Francis of Assisi

At Hope House (Enju Ya'Masiko), we’re dedicated to working in partnership with God and local people to help communities in Uganda in every way possible.  Learn more about our projects below and see if you can help us make a difference in people’s lives.



A Purpose Built Community Centre (Phase One)

Hope House (Enju Ya'Masiko) is the home for all our projects.  It was built in 2019.  Despite Covid preventing us from starting our projects in 2020, the local community have asked for projects that will help all areas of their lives.  Some of these projects will begin in 2021, covid and funds permitting.  They will include: 

Study Centre for students - enabling students to study evenings, weekends and holiday time with power and resources to help them

Special Needs Education - so many children with special educatiional needs or disabilities are excluded from education and society.  An SEN group for children and their families will help them integrate into their communities.

Bible Study/Fellowship Groups -  Small groups of people who long to study the bible in a little more depth and put what they learn into practise to serve their community

Eco Projects - Eco Brick project reusing the copious amounts of plastic bottles and waste to build structures

Community Meals - A chance for different areas of the community to gather, eat nutritiously and join together in celebration.

Childrens Groups - Activities and support for young mothers and children.

Young Mothers Group - So many young girls find themselves pregnant and are excluded from their homes, school and comunity.  Supporting these girls and their babies in all ways that we can.

nyarugunda kids at school covid.jpg


Providing education and training for children and young people - hope for a future

Hope House (Enju Ya'Masiko) provides sponsorship for children in local schools, colleges and training institutes with the aim of completing their education to a level that will help them find employment.  Sponsorship is £25 per month and also supports the child with their educational supplies and needs, healthcare and the supported projects at HOHO.  



In 2018, a small agricultural project was set up, working in partnership with a local landowner.  Our collaborative vision was to provide a home for the many young men and boys that find themselves without shelter, food or hope.  Asa Enterprises was formed as a means to support a few young boys with a home, education or training at the farm.  We grow coffee, maize and other crops and raise animals.  Eventually, the profits from this farm will fund the boys costs and expand the project as well as supporting the other HOHO projects.



In a culture where womens and girls rights are far from equal, enabing girls to attend and stay in school is of massive importance.  Too often, families with limited resources often choose to educate their sons and girls are left to  work in the fields or the home and are married and pregnant at a young age.  We run a project at our supported Secondary School to raise aspirations, develop a love of education and encourage girls to aim higher and reach further than their predecessors


Our first and still ongoing projects is to support two local schools, Kambuga Primary and Nyarugunda Senior Secondary School with infrastructure projects, whether that be refurbishment of classrooms, supporting teachers, building classroom blocks, providing resources and more currently, enabling these schools to re-open following the Covid  19 regulations by providing washing stations, soap, temperature guns and building isolation rooms for sick pupils.

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