We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  Mother Theresa 

Since we began our work in 2013 and were founded as a Charity in 2017, Hope House (Enju Ya'Masiko) has become an important part of the Kambuga community. We work with the most dedicated and charitable people to help ease the suffering of those we seek to support. From the heart of a young teacher, Jessica Pattison, Hope House is now a reality and game changer for many children and young people.  

Jessica began visting Uganda in 2013 and saw first hand how impossible it is for children to go to school, to be healthy, hopeful and have a future.  Determined to change this, she sought the help of her family, church community and friends to slowly, effect change.  In 2017, with the desire to build Hope House (HOHO) as a centre for all the increasing work in Uganda, the Charity was born and in late 2019, Hope House was built.  Jessica's mother, Helen, relocated to Uganda in 2019 to oversee the building work for HOHO and to initiate new, and develop existing projects that would work from the Centre and in the community.  Helen has expanded the child education sponsorship programme and personally searches for the poorest of the poor children to be given a chance of education.  2020 saw a difficult year as Covid 19 caused global hardhship, affecting this community more than ever and with UK and Ugandan restrictions hindering access to Uganda, furthering the work of HOHO was extremely difficult.  2021 brings a new set of challenges that HOHO will meet face on - doing small things with great love...

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