Recent Updates & Activities



March 27th 2021

Well after 1 year and 18 days stranded in the UK, I finally made it back to Uganda.  Lets see what has happened in the last year....my first task is to go and find all our sponsored children and see if they are all okay, back in school or waiting to go in June.... and to meet the new sponsored children I have not been able to see.  I'll post updates on here, but if you want the very detailed update sagas about all we are doing in Uganda, please get in touch and let us have your email address!  Stay safe xx

July 4th 2021

Well after a busy 4months in Uganda, supporting children, families and the Community of Kambuga Sub-County, Covid has stopped play yet again in Uganda as we have entered at least an 8 week lockdown.  With  travel restrictions being ramped up in the UK as well, I've had to return for 2 months.  Hoping to travel back in August 2021.  If anyone wants to know anything more about all that we are trying to do in Uganda, please get in touch....I'm more than willing to come and speak to anyone about our work in Uganda.  If you want a more detailed update about what I've been up to for the past 4 months, please send your email address.